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01-concentrated-solar-laura-ockel-2TK6Kltdx88 Investing in the Decarbonisation
of Energy Production.
02-h2-toyota-maximalfocus Hydrogen is in our
Clear Focus.
03-invest-structure-scott-graham We are Specialists in
Structuring CleanTech and
Renewable Energy Investments.


ValVeri Group

ValVeri is a management holding specialized in scouting, structuring, investing in, operating and offering tailor-made investments in renewables, hydrogen, cleantech and greenfield segments.

What we do

We provide access to ESG-compliant investments.
Our team is focusing exclusively on assets and opportunities in the sectors of:

  • Decarbonization of Energy Production

  • Clean Energy Distribution and Utilisation

  • Circular Economy and Resource Conservation

  • Hydrogen Production

  • Complementary CleanTech-Opportunities

Basically we divide our activities in two main segments:

Opportunities offering long-term stable returns with a low correlation with traditional asset classes


Diversified Early Stage Portfolios providing higher than average returns combined with a measurable environmental impact